Statoil gas plant upgrade with shutdown

The Norwegian oil & gas production company Statoil commissioned Cofely Fabricom to perform large-scale upgrading and adaptation works on the Kårstø gas processing plant near Stavanger, Norway. Cofely Fabricom successfully completed this challenging project, which required a total plant shutdown.

The multi-technical assignment included the construction of eight modules, four production units, three pipe bridges and one clad vessel. The latter was a high-pressure fuel gas reservoir equipped with piping, access ladders and platforms.

From construction to connection

Cofely Fabricom engineered the different modules at our Antwerp (Belgium) yard. We then transported these components to Kårstø and installed on site all the devices and pipes as well as the connections with the assembled modules. During a seamless and very limited shutdown, the new construction was hooked up to the existing plant.

The entire project required 380 000 Cofely Fabricom man-hours and as many as 220 of our staff were present during the crucial installation stage at the plant in Norway. We delivered and completed the works within the agreed deadline, this despite the difficult weather conditions and the fact that the plant had to continue operating.

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