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ENGIE Fabricom is most definitively a unique organisation. Founded in 1946, and later integrated into the ENGIE group of companies, ENGIE Fabricom is structured to meet the challenges of tomorrow. A different type of fabricator, and built on the experience of projects worldwide, ENGIE Fabricom is today well known for delivering 100% project ready modules in some of the world’s harshest environments where the windows for transport are limited.
Leveraging a proprietary construction management system, ENGIE Fabricom has saved clients millions of dollars in cost overruns, missed schedules and long-term maintenance costs. With a long history in highly technical offshore facilities, ENGIE Fabricom brings Alberta operators the experience to reduce footprints and construction costs without limiting the long-term operation of the facilities.

Most importantly, the organisation is led by teams who thirst for challenge, are inspired by the most complex problems, and compete at the highest level. ENGIE Fabricom understands the potential of an engaged workforce – hiring high performance teams in each of the disciplines to deliver projects on time and on budget.

CHARGE FORWARD with global experience and a proven track record.

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member
ENGIE  Fabricom Canada

Simon was named Chief Executive Officer of Fabricom Inc. (known as ENGIE Fabricom) January 1, 2018. Simon joined Cofely Fabricom (now ENGIE Fabricom) during its Canadian inception in December 2013 as Business Development Manager.  ENGIE Fabricom (Canada) has since developed to a turnover of approximately $60M in 2017.  Simon was named Vice President, Canadian Operations in the fall of 2016.

During Simon’s time at Engie Fabricom, he has developed and implemented the mission, strategy, objectives, and tactics of Fabricom in addition to developing business contacts, tender processes and responding to tenders.  Simon has the unique ability to envision, develop and maximize new business opportunities.  Simon recruits, leads and challenges high performing teams.

Simon is a top-performing professional with extensive experience and verifiable achievements in the full business cycle from business development to operations to project implementation to completion.  Simon relates to individuals at all levels, is ethical and trustworthy thereby engendering trust, confidence and respect.

Director, Shared Services
ENGIE Fabricom Canada

Lindsay Jacobs has been with Engie for three years in a Senior leadership capacity and has a background in Human Resources and Labour Relations Management. Lindsay has been involved in numerous Projects in the Alberta Oil Sands and provided Labour Relations support across Canada.

Throughout these projects, Lindsay has been involved in Labour strategy, planning and execution and HR Management. Lindsay has a Bachelors Degree from Memorial University in Newfoundland and has also obtained the Canadian Professional Human Resource designation.

Director, Legal Contracts
ENGIE Fabricom Canada

Emel joined Cofely Fabricom (now Engie Fabricom) shortly after its Canadian inception in late 2013. She has been an instrumental contributor in the development of Engie Fabricom as well as building and establishing Engie’s success in Canada.
Emel brings her expertise of a lawyer advising fortune 100 companies on major projects along with her business acumen from years of successfully working in highly-regulated business environments in the oil and gas sector.

Ms. Haxhillari is an expert in contracts & risk management and project leadership from initial information memorandum and feasibility analysis through bidding, negotiations, contracts management and contracts close. Emel is a team-builder, possessing a unique ability to bring people together to determine and achieve common goals as well as resolve conflicts. She is recognized for her ability to marshal and present facts and legal arguments with tact and diplomacy and has extensive experience in contract formation, claims/risk mitigation, contract management and change management.

Emel Haxhillari is multilingual in English, Italian and Albanian. She graduated from Law school, holds a Master`s Degree in Law and several international certifications and training in contracts management.

Director of Operations
Engie Fabricom Canada

Chad Tattrie brings Sr. leadership to the Engie Fabricom team with extensive knowledge in field and module fabrication. With his professional licensed engineering background he understands how capital and operational projects are managed and the impacts they have on production and their stakeholders.

Along with Chad`s strong management style he is best known to manage risks and communicate resolutions within the team. He has completed many projects in North America and inspires his staff to challenge, lead, and mentor one another to achieve their goals to benefit all parties involved.

Mr Tattrie oversees all module construction and assembly within the Alberta facility and has a reputation to develop and streamline best fabrication practices on time and within budget. Chad continues to sharpen construction processes that work for both the company and the client in a safe operating environment.

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