Safety & Quality

Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ)

These are interlinked aspects that ENGIE Fabricom continuously integrates in its corporate culture. Our HSEQ policy is one that reaches far beyond the operational.
ENGIE Fabricom, and parent company ENGIE, is a global energy player which supports changes in society that are based as much on economic growth as on social progress and the preservation of natural resources. This philosophy moves far beyond the obvious operational HSE and Quality standards – it provides a fully integrated and responsible business platform that engages the workforce at every level.

This balanced approach has built a company-wide philosophy to ensure healthy working conditions for all employees to reduce occupational illness and work-related accidents raising employee satisfaction, increasing overall efficiency and building an engaged workforce as we CHARGE FORWARD and take on customer challenges across the globe.

Safety – Safety is a domain in which ENGIE Fabricom distinguishes itself. For example, in the oil & gas and energy industries – where safety is paramount – we enjoy an outstanding reputation.

Environment – Environmental protection is a strategic goal for ENGIE Fabricom. We train our staff in taking preventive measures to reduce their ecological footprint. And we advise our customers to implement the most eco-friendly solution.

Quality management and continuous improvement are ingrained in our DNA. Implemented company-wide, our quality approach is more than a policy, reviewed periodically to ensure it is in line with our company’s goals and strategic priorities, the ENGIE Fabricom Quality program is fully integrated in our “overall cost reduction” philosophy as we build out tank farms and modular structures.
Our quality and safety practices comply with the strictest industry standards:

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