Cofely Fabricom Charges Forward!

Oct 7, 2017

New industry standards have been set. Reaching civil works completion in such limited time – 5 months – has been a real achievement: we did not only obtain all development and building permits in record time but also managed to extract 150,000 m³ of clay and transport 120,000 tons of gravel, which were compacted on an area of 35 acres.

Our yard is now ready for operations with an annual capacity of 150 Alberta-sized modules (24’×24’×127’) and a bearing capacity of 10 tons/m². 54 modules of maximum size (150 tons per module) can be built on it simultaneously. Additionally, temporary office facilities have been erected to accommodate staff.

Just the facts!

  • Yard Area (Total): 60 acres = 242,811 m²
  • Yard Area (Under Cover): 39,900 sq ft = 3,520 m²
  • Maximum Height (Under Cover): 10 m
  • Crane capacity (Under Cover): 10 tons
  • Crane Height (Under Hook): 9 m
  • Distance to the port: Vancouver Port, 1,300 km
  • Max. Module capacity (modules per year): Capacity available: 150 super-size modules (Phase I – Q4 2014) – 300 super modules (Phase II)
  • Max. Modules standing (number of modules): 54 by Q4 2014 and 108 after the additional phase completed
  • Max. Piping prefabrication capacity: 20,000 inches/month
  • Max. Piping prefabrication size (Diam. / Sch.): 56 inch diameter
  • Max. Structure Steel prefabrication: Via partnership: 42,000 ton/year

35 acres

1st phase yard surface area

60 acres

2nd phase yard surface area

120,000 tons

gravel used

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