Modular Construction Solutions

ENGIE  Fabricom is a global leader in modular construction for both the onshore and offshore industry. From the construction yard in Fort Saskatchewan, with direct access to the high load corridor and on-demand access to a global support network of experienced talent, ENGIE  Fabricom offers a “PLUG & PLAY” approach to all modular projects in Canada.

Charge forward with ENGIE  Fabricom

The Alberta landscape offers many unique challenges and at ENGIE  Fabricom the team is always ready for a challenge.  With global experience and a worldwide reputation of excellence, ENGIE  Fabricom attracts talents that can execute challenging projects with unique insight and proven alternatives to provide a credible design and construction approach to modules – optimizing the operations and layout of existing facility design.

ENGIE  Fabricom’s latest “Plug & Play” module design platform incorporates over 85% of piping, electrical components and instrumentation while the electrical cabling is already installed and tested – leaving only the final testing for on-site completion.  This is forward thinking design that considers efficient use of resources before during and after the plant is operational – another example of how ENGIE  Fabricom brings new energy and passion to the challenges facing Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Reduced CAPEX, maintenance efficiencies and minimizing operating and environmental footprints are just a few of the benefits of leveraging ENGIE  Fabricom and their global experience.

Now firmly established in Canada, ENGIE  Fabricom has acquired a 60-acre assembly yard in Fort Saskatchewan adjacent to Highway 15 part of Alberta’s high load transportation corridor.  Now complete, Phase one of the development encompasses 35 acres and provides the capacity for up to 150 Alberta-sized modules per year, 54 at any one time including 3 module bays each capable of hosting the construction of 18 modules.

Phase two of site development will expand capacity to handle 300 Alberta-sized (24’×24’×127’) modules per year or 25 modules/month, equivalent to 3750 tons/month.


  • Overall management of turnkey projects, structural steel fabrication and erection
  • Piping prefabrication and erection
  • Equipment installation
  • Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Insulation and surface protection


  • Detailed engineering
  • Purchasing
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Erection on site
  • Installation

Plug & Play Modules 

  • Pre-assembled units: skids or modules supporting part or all of a fully tested and accepted production unit ready to be commissioned after connection.
  • Pre-assembled racks: sub-assembly or assembly of essentially supporting piping systems designed to form connection racks between the production units.
  • Pre-assembled tracks: pre-assembled parts of pipeways consisting in single pipe layers designed to connect production units to off-site areas.
  • Clad vessels: assembly of large towers and tall vessels into complete structural packages.
  • Cold boxes: a large-sized assembly specially designed for the production of liquid air products.

Just the facts!

  • Yard Area (Total): 60 acres = 242,811 m²
  • Yard Area (Under Cover): 39,900 sq ft = 3,520 m²
  • Maximum Height (Under Cover): 10 m
  • Crane Capacity (Under Cover): 10 tons
  • Crane Height (Under Hook): 9 m
  • Distance to the port: Vancouver Port, 1,300 km
  • Max. Module capacity (modules per year): Capacity available: 150 super-size modules (Phase I – Q4 2014) – 300 super modules (Phase II).
  • Max. Modules standing (number of modules): 54 by Q4 2014 and 108 after the additional phase completed
  • Max. Piping prefabrication capacity: 20,000 inches/month
  • Max. Piping prefabrication size (Diam. / Sch.): 56 inch diameter
  • Max. Structure Steel prefabrication: Via partnership: 42,000 ton/year

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